CLICK HERE to view the slideshow seen above of what we do in class each day.

*To check current grades in this class, visit Home Access Center. To check current assignments/lessons in this class, visit Google Classroom.

Syllabus / Grading:

Art Classroom Syllabus

IB Art Syllabus 2015-2016

Visual Arts Grading Policy

Late Work / Re-Grade Form

IB Brochure Visual Arts Information

Student Outcomes:

Student Outcomes for HL and SL IB Art: Whole Course

Understanding the Course:

IB Mind Map Assignment: Understanding the Course

2016 Assessment Criteria

Visual Arts Journal Intro Pwpt

Comparative Study Intro Pwpt

Process Portfolio Intro Pwpt

Exhibition Intro Pwpt


Summer Assignment for Incoming HL/SL IB Art Students

Example Sketchbook Pages by a Former Student

Grades for HL Year 1 (Juniors): 1st Semester

Grades for HL Year 1 (Juniors): 2nd Semester

Summer Assignment between Junior and Senior Year for HL IB Art

Grades for HL Year 2 (Seniors): Whole 2nd Year

Grades for SL (Seniors): 1 Year

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