AP Art

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Calendar for the Year

Syllabus for the AP 2D Design Portfolio

Syllabus for the AP Drawing Portfolio

AP Website Links:

Digital Submission Information and Suggested Timeline

2D Design Portfolio Scoring and Submission Examples

Drawing Portfolio Scoring and Submission Examples

2016-2017 AP Studio Art Exhibit (Excellent Examples of Submitted Student Works)

Additional Examples:

Mrs. Skillern’s Google Drive Folder with example submissions from the AP site as well as previous students.


Folder of Breadth Assignments


Defining the Area of Concentration

Concentration Brainstorming Worksheets

Area of Concentration Worksheet

Area of Concentration Letter of Commitment & Understanding

Area of Concentration Plans & Thumbnails

Project Proposal

Additional Resources:

15 Ways to Draw and Paint Faster

MicroLabs (Quick, Experimental Art Project Ideas)

The G.L.O.S.S. Method

Composition (A Google Folder of composition resources)

Creating Mood and Emotion (A Google Folder of reference sheets on how line and color affect mood and emotion)

Photography and Photo Manipulation in AP and IB Art Classes

How to Photograph your Artwork Professionally using Artificial Light

How to Edit Photographs of your Artwork using the Adobe Lightroom App


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