Art Room Info


All art classes will have the same rules and procedures. View the class syllabus at the link below to see these as well as grading policies. Please ensure art students are registered for their correct google classroom course.

Syllabus for All Art Classes

Class Procedures

An informational slideshow about the art room procedures for the year will be reviewed at the beginning of each school year. Please review if you were absent the day it was covered or are entering the class while the school year is in progress.

Art Room Informational Slideshow


Visual Arts Grading Policy

Large Project Grading Rubric Form (CCCW)

Large Project Quick Grading Rubric (CCCW)

Late Work / Regrade Form

Petition for Grade Change Form

Artist Statement Flow Chart

Technology in the Art Room

As part of a grant from the Texas Cultural Trust, we will be using iPads in the classroom this year, as well as accessing laptops available through the school. Each student will need to sign a “Digital Citizenship Contract” linked below, as well as have a guardian review and sign before returning to the teacher. Also linked below is an informational slideshow on iPad use in the art room. I will be documenting our use of technology through a blog at Please let me know if a student is on the “Do Not Publish” List through campus so that I do not include them in photographs of students working to be posted on this public site.

Digital Citizenship Contract

iPad Use in the Art Room

Apps Available in the Art Room

Throughout the course of the year, students will keep “Digital Portfolios” to document their art-making progress. These folders will include photographs of their artwork as well as artist statements written about their artwork. Please view the link below for a basic understanding of how to set-up a digital portfolio. You can view the “Portfolios” tab on this website to see links to all student portfolios online.

How to Set-up a Digital Portfolio

How to Photograph and Upload Artwork

If a student needs something printed to help them with their artwork, they can upload their image to their class printing folder. A link is posted below.

“To Print” Folders


Art 4 Visual Journal Assignments for the Year

Ms. Skillern’s Pinterest Board: Visual Journals

Visual Journal Ideas

20 Creative Sketchbook Examples

Important Sites

Art Department Website:

Mrs. Skillern’s Blog: (to document technology use in the art room)

Mrs. Skillern Personal Artwork:

Mrs. Skillern’s Travel Website:

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