Studio Art Inspiration:

Ms. Skillern’s Pinterest Board: Visual Journals

Ms. Skillern’s Pinterest Board: 2D High School Art Inspiration

Ms. Skillern’s Pinterest Board: 3D High School Art Inspiration

Ms. Skillern’s YouTube: Playlists

VASE Gold Seal Images: Google Drive Folder

Debbie West’s Resources: Art Lessons with Examples

An Approach to Creating Art – The GLOSS Method

How to Create an Independent Project from the Imaginary Shop: 2D Independent Lesson Plan

Inspiration for Past Classes: Art 4 and IB Focus Projects 14-15

Inspiration for Past Classes: Drawing Inspiration ’12-’13

Websites and Resources to Find Artists:

A Slideshow of Artists by Mrs. Skillern: A List of Artists

Mrs. Bailey’s Pinterest Board: Inspiration Artists


About Google Art Project:

Link to Google Art Project:

Mrs. Skillern’s Art Lessons:

Agnes Cecile Watercolor Portraits

Alla Prima

Altered or Creative Surface Paintings

Art on Wood Grain Surfaces

Chalk and Oil Pastel Color Handout Examples

Charcoal on Cardboard

Collage Drawing

Color Harmonies Pattern Painting Project

Color Mixing Grid

Composition Study

Creative Color Scheme Portraits

Cultural Mixed Media Assignment Sheet and Example Projects

Decay Project

Fantasy Paintings

Figure and Environment

Invented Worlds

Klimt Portraits

Layered Figures Abstract


Melissa Cooke Graphite Paintings


Mixed Media / Altered Surface Illustrations

Oil Painting

Portrait Painting

Reflective Surfaces Paintings

Self-Portrait with Shading Pencils

Self-Portrait with Stuff or Objects Painting


Visual Rhythm / Patterned Portraits

Wash Under Figure Drawings

Watercolor Contour Portraits

Watercolor Impressionism

Books and Articles:

Article: The Arts Are Essential to STEM Progress

Book: Steal Like an Artist


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