Studio Art Inspiration:

Ms. Skillern’s Pinterest Board: Visual Journals

Ms. Skillern’s Pinterest Board: 2D High School Art Inspiration

Ms. Skillern’s Pinterest Board: 3D High School Art Inspiration

Ms. Skillern’s YouTube: Playlists

VASE Gold Seal Images: Google Drive Folder

Debbie West’s Resources: Art Lessons with Examples

An Approach to Creating Art – The GLOSS Method

How to Create an Independent Project from the Imaginary Shop: 2D Independent Lesson Plan

Inspiration for Past Classes: Art 4 and IB Focus Projects 14-15

Inspiration for Past Classes: Drawing Inspiration ’12-’13


Websites and Resources to Find Artists:

A Slideshow of Artists by Mrs. Skillern: A List of Artists

Mrs. Bailey’s Pinterest Board: Inspiration Artists


About Google Art Project:

Link to Google Art Project:

Mrs. Skillern’s Art Lessons:

Melissa Cooke Graphite Paintings

Kehinde Wiley

Agnes Cecile Watercolor Portraits

Self-Portrait with Stuff or Objects Painting

Altered Surfaces

Charcoal on Cardboard

Self-Portrait with Shading Pencils

Invented Worlds

Cultural Mixed Media Assignment Sheet and Example Projects

Chalk and Oil Pastel Color Handout Examples

Klimt Portraits

Layered Figures Abstract

Collage Drawing

Mixed Media / Altered Surface Illustrations

Books and Articles:

Article: The Arts Are Essential to STEM Progress

Book: Steal Like an Artist

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