Links to Current Class Folders:

Links to Past Class Folders:

In order to document their growth as an artist, students will be maintaining a digital portfolio on Google Drive. Students will use their portfolio primarily to show final products and reflections. However, they may also be asked to use it for brainstorming, research, and showing in-process work. Student portfolios will provide a visual resource in understanding their growth as artists.

Students will have their own folder, titled as their first name and last initial, within their class’ Student Portfolio folder. These class folders are public and may be viewed by classmates, parents and other members of the public at any time. Please notify me if a student is on the school’s “Do Not Publish” List.

For each project a student creates, he/she will upload a photograph of the work, as well as write an Artist Statement about their work. When doing so, they are to title them as follows:

  1. Uploaded photograph: “Title_Photograph”
  2. Artist Statement: “Title_Artist Statement”

These uploads will be due on the last day of each 6 week marking period and will include work from that marking period.

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