Canva – A simple graphic design assistant

WebCam Toy – Edit selfies in a multitude of creative ways

Google Night Walk – Stroll through different parts of the world via Google Earth with a local guide and interactive features

Google Cultural Institute – Visit museums, galleries, and world wonders

Google Open Gallery – Create your own gallery anyone can view

Palace of Versailles – Navigate the palace via the Google Art Project

100,000 Stars – Discover the universe with incredible animations and interactive information. Zoom in and out and click on stars, planets, etc.

BioDigital Human – Explore inside the human body including various systems and conditions with informative visuals as reference

Gesture Drawing Reference Website – Choose types of figure reference photos with many kinds of poses taken by professional photographers

DevArt – A gallery for artwork made with code

Colossal – A site for contemporary art

Hi Fructose – An art magazine

Juxtapoz – An art magazine

Arty Bollocks – A fake artist statement generator

EasyBib – Generate citations in various formats

PDF Merger – Merge pdfs online

BulbApp – A digital portfolio and sketchbook

Evernote – An online collaborative workspace

Padlet – An online collaborative workspace


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